Saturday, October 1, 2011

House Projects

Our house has projects' still, and it's been a while since I had a post about them...

Although we have done quite a bit of work to the house, its not quite finished to our specifications, so we continue to do projects. (Returning there once I am done with school is still a consideration; we both love the house and its location.) This fall we are doing a bit to the exterior. The siding has been repaired (as its cement-Asbestos over traditional clapboard, some of the siding had chipped) and will be painted soon. I am excited, and will post photos once the painting is finished. 

We have chosen a grey-blue color for the siding; its a color that we've had in mind for a long time. This should make the white trim (and red doors) look fantastic. Our inspiration, in part, came from experience inside the house. Our first paint job was the living room; painting the living room brown really showcased the transom and trim. Since then, we have used deep colors which provide contrast for the white trim, and have really enjoyed the result. One of the colors (used in my office) was a blue-grey and we decided that when we get around to doing the exterior, this is the color that we want. 

Since that time, I have seen a few Greek Revivals painted colors other than all white (most of them in Boston), and have really liked the way that they look (the trim looks great). I am excited for our newest project to get done, because I am excited to see the result! :) 

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Heidi Sue said...

Wow, that will look great. Can't wait to see some pictures!