Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Productive Day

Last night, Pete and I returned from Jay Peak, Vermont.
Above: Picture is supposed to be rotated -- trees covered in snow
We went out there for a long weekend to go skiing/snowboarding in the Green Mountains --leaving on Friday, and coming home yesterday.
Today, I managed to...
*Do our 2009 taxes.
*Do all the laundry that accompanies a vacation.
*Unload the car (and all of our associated winter gear).
*Play with Hondo, our dog.
Above: Everybody who went skiing

We had a great time out East. We met up with Pete's family out there, and were able to get in 2 beautiful days of skiing (me)/snowboarding (Pete) before we headed home. The days were sunny, the snow was very white, and the trees were somewhat sparkly from ice/snow build-up on the branches. The weather did not cooperate on Monday (50 degrees and rainy)-- but you can't expect beautiful weather the whole time, right? It felt great to get away, and spend sometime outside.

On a side note, this is the first time I remember being in Canada (there are a few pictures of me at the border when I was real small). Seems strange that I've never visited this near neighbor to the North. :)


Yvonne said...


Julie said...

I haven't been to Canada yet. I'd like to go, though.

Looks like a fun trip! And the trees were beautiful with all of the snow!

Cami said...

That looks like so much fun! I would love to get back to vermont some year to ski. : ) glad you guys had fun.

Maria said...

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed your ski trip...we always had such a good time when my parents used to take us to Jay Peak :)
Hope all is well!