Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fighting Winter Blahs...

This winter, I decided to be pro-active about the winter blahs... The winter blahs are the feeling that sets in around Mid-February or March just before the snow recedes, whispers of spring are seen, and winter begins to feel endless. I decided that I needed to get a hobby, outside of the house (outside of hockey) --just to keep busy, and challenge myself.

I saw an ad in the paper for auditions for a local theater company. I auditioned. And I got a part. I will be playing a hospital worker in the Hartland Players production of W;T ( The play's content is a little close to my real job, but should be enjoyable nonetheless.I am looking forward to the challenge, as I have not acted in a play in a little over a decade. I have my first rehersal tonight, and am really looking forward to it. It should be fun memorizing lines again; helping put together the set, and re-learning how to take stage directions. But, it should not be such a challenge as to be overwhelming... just a fun experience!

On a side note: the auditions allowed me to meet more of my neighbors. Who knew that so many people living within a few house radius would be auditioning for the same play!?!?!


Sarah said...

That sounds like a lot of fun- and a perfect way to make winter move onward. Enjoy!

Maria said...

way to go :)
Sounds like a ton of fun for you! Hope all is well...keep practicing those lines! lol

Julie said...

I hear you about the blahs. Mine set in around late January... :P

Way to be proactive! I'm so impressed. What a fun creative outlet.

Oh, poop. I checked to see where it is and it appears we are in different states. I most likely won't be attending your show. Let us know how it goes, okay?