Monday, March 23, 2009

Mid-March update

March, as promised, has been a whirl-wind month! However, thanks to the mid-month arrival of my family we were able to get just a few extra projects started/done this month. Here are the highlights of projects attempted/accomplished this past weekend when my dad, mom, Alex & Emma were in town:
*Holes in the drywall have been patched. I will post photos once these holes have been painted. These holes are in the main family room & Hondo's room, and are from finding the chimney for the wood stove & access to the water pipes during a particularly cold spell during the winter.
*Chandeliers on the main level have been cleaned.
*A piece of wood has been added to the large transom/trim between the two main living areas. This blocks off the hole where the pocket doors previously resided. I will post photos once these are caulked & painted. Previously, the top had trim, left side had another type of trim, and the right side was a hole open to the inside of the walls. Although it would be neat to have the pocket doors in the house... the track inside the wall is busted & the doors would be cock-eyed secondary to the new floor in the living room.
*Removal of links in the light fixture in Hondo's room -- it now hangs correctly and slightly closer to the ceiling for those people taller than 6'.
*Installation of child locks in the kitchen. These are meant to keep Hondo out of the trash can located in the pantry, and limit access to the lower cupboards.

In addition to the above items, I have accomplished the following on my list from earlier this month:
*Purchase of shower gifts.
I still need to sign up for the MCAT.
I am post-poning my (artificial) deadline for end of March for the curtains. We have decided to get windows and/or siding before the end of next summer, so I plan to wait to make curtains until the new windows are installed.

Additionally, my hockey team came in 1st place. I did not play in the championship game last night because my family was in town and we had not really had a chance to visit with them due to the busyiness of the weekend... so, I stayed home. But, we won the championship! Go Top Shelf!

Last, we have signed up for our "spring" sports (due we sound athletic or what?!?!)! Pete will be playing baseball with the guys, and if there is another team that signs up for the spring women's hockey... I will continue to play hockey (albeit with another team)!

Enjoy the beautiful weather!


Maria said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend with the family! Always good when someone makes a trip to visit! All your project updates are getting me inspired to touch up our trim and likewise get a move on finding some new curtains :)
Enjoy spring!

Yvonne ~ A Fighting Optimist said...

wow, people are gonna start askin' if you're for hire if you don't watch out. LOL
can't wait to see the pix.