Sunday, March 29, 2009

Accomplished all that I set out to do in March

I have accomplished all that I set out to do this month -- I feel so productive! :) I just finished the remaining two things on my to-do list from the beginning of the month.
1) I have sorted through our clothes. This feels really good!
2) I just registered for the MCAT. I will take the test July 2. I am sure that date will approach quickly!

So, here's April's list:
1) Finish the MCAT review book that has been sitting around my house since mid-January, and do 1 online full length practice exam.
2) Prime/paint the house projects from last weekend.
3) Spring clean the house (including shampooing of rug & furniture). It always feels awesome to have this done!
4) Help Pete clean up the yard. We appear to have lost more sticks over the winter.

Happy spring! My tulips are starting to poke through the ground. I am looking forward to flowers in the next couple of weeks! :)


Megan Lorraine said...

I wish we had tulips popping up from the ground! It doesn't look like it is supposed to get higher than fourty all week! Enjoy spring for me!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! (a day early)

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Heidi