Friday, June 13, 2008


It seriously feels like forever since this was last updated... but, since than...

Pete has gone to China, and will remain there for a while longer. This is very hard, because he is unable to use the company provided satellite phone (except for an Emergency) due to the cost of phone usage, and therefore we have only been able to talk on a limited basis while he is at work ~ My in-laws have been great during this time! Sally stayed with me during the nights that had bad weather which kept my mind from dwelling on the passing storms. Matt has helped out with the yard, cutting our grass. I visited there yesterday evening, and went with them to the graduation parties this past evening. It was nice not to have to go alone to the parties! Additionally, I met my friends for ice cream this past week, and am really glad to have pets during this time... So, I am otherwise doing well... just missing my spouse, and knowing that it will be a few additional weeks before he is able to socialize at the pre-China level.

We have been solicited by the Historical Society for our belated barn. They had wanted this for their site on B*n* Road. We tried to contact them. They did not respond in time, and the barn was shredded. Not much can be done at this point, however they would like to scan our photo album from the renovation of this house as this album.They consider this album a "historical document". The society does the important job of preserving the town's history, and the member's seem quite reasonable in their approach to remembering the past.

Congratulations to my aunt and uncle! They are the proud parents of a girl, Anna Marie!


Amanda Kay said...

Pete's in China? For how long? I have a co-worker whose son is going to study abroad this summer and he chose China. His mom is quite nervous!! HOpe you're doing good can definitely be hard!

Pete said...

There is a return ticket with his name on it for Saturday at 11:30 PM, but, as of a phone call this AM at 9... This time table may have been altered... He may just be "Shanghai'd in Shanghai"! I am doing okay, as long as I stay busy... I just miss him. Heidi