Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gravel hauler

I am proud of myself! Today, I fixed the driveway all by my lonesome and detailed the truck! I called around, found an open gravel supplier, and bought 4 truck loads of gravel (4 yards) and filled in the potholes on my driveway. The guys at the gravel place kept asking "back again?, Is this the last load? Are you shoveling this yourself?". It took roughly 30-45 minutes to empty each load of gravel onto the driveway... And about 15-20 minutes to get a obtain a new load and bring it back. I am glad the supplier was close enough that I did not get burnt out on the task between truckloads...
And then, once I was done hauling/shoveling gravel, I took the truck to carwash only to find that they would not even spray out the flatbed... so, I washed and detailed the truck. It looks really nice and clean!


Anonymous said... are AMAZING...WOW! I can see now where Jenna gets all her "energy"...must run in the "Skoog" family!


Pete said...

I need the hard labor to stay sane! It felt really good to have a big project to tackle over the weekend, especially since I am currently running solo;) Heidi