Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Living away

More than a year has past since I last wrote anything... The last year and couple months has been crazy... All the things they say about residency are true, at least in my experience which is limited to my current program here... I work long hours. I am away from home a lot (and at times feel for Pete, because many days I see him for only minutes between coming home and going to bed!). I don't always have a chance to eat or rest, so when I do... I take full advantage of it! And time off is precious, as it does not come at regular intervals (i.e. I can't just look forward to the weekend), so whatever I get... I treasure...

And through it all, I have learned so much. I still find it a privilege to be able to help patients. I am gaining more independence with time, and find small thrills when I do something independently and it turns out well! :)

Anyway, I have decided to restart writing on the blog because although life where we are living is not horrible (and sometimes I even enjoy it), living away from the people you have known all your life at times gets lonely. Having a blog is certainly no substitute for calling up old friends on a random Tuesday and meeting for coffee, but it helps to share the experience, process whats going on through the writing, and having the occasional comment at times begins to feel like a long drawn out conversation.

So here it goes...

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