Sunday, July 22, 2012

Biking around town/catch up

This past weekend, Pete and I had planned for a day trip to Mackinac Island -- however, the forecast did not hold out for this plan. So instead we made a short flight to a local tourist town for a good lunch (chicken dinner), some window shopping, and a 4-5 mile bike ride. It was a good day.

The bikes that we rode are collapsible bikes, borrowed from one of Pete's coworkers. Boy, are they slick! It made the trek into town (2-2.5 miles each way) much easier, especially since Pete's feet hurt if we walk long distances.

Outside of this little jaunt, we have mostly been keeping on keeping on.

School has started again for me -- this keeps me entertained. I spend my days at the hospital -- seeing patients as part of a team and learning the clinical part of medicine. I spend evenings reading/studying, or catching up on the day-to-day household stuff. The transition to the clinical part of medical school has been interesting, exhausting, and integrates all I've learned the first 2 years of medical school. I am really enjoying it! :)

Pete's sister and brother in law stopped by this evening -- we met at the hangar. So fun to catch up, and see family again. Pete was able to give rides to their two oldest who missed their turn at the Flying Finns tourney -- he had a good time doing this, and they seemed to enjoy their ride! :)

Anyway, happy summer!


Sharyn said...

I want to know the local tourist town! :)

Always love your posts. :)

Pete/Heidi said...

Thank you Sharyn! The little tourist town is Frankenmuth! :) A fun little place to visit!

Amy L said...

Thanks for the fun evening and rides for the kids! It will be something they talk about for a long time.
Also, thanks for taking the time to come in to see us at my parents - I love that you are willing to make time when we are in town.
Love you bunches - Amy