Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What we have accomplished so far... Year 5 (well... almost)

The other day, Pete and I discovered the house projects list that we made when we first moved in. Of the 145 projects that are on this list, in ~5 years we have accomplished 85 of these projects. Some big (ex. new floors for the living room and dining room) and some small (ex. curtains for the living room). Some projects I have blogged about in the past, and some were quietly accomplished. Since acquiring the place, we have figured out that 7 projects either will never be done (ex. general landscaping) or are impossible to accomplish (ex. change laws of physics to suit Heidi).

The original project list for our home
So ~ 65% of our desired projects have been done or will never be done -- a considerable improvement to the home's condition in when we chose to become this home's temporary caretakers. There's still room for the improvement before we make another list of things to do, but I am proud of all that has been accomplished to date. I am getting the feeling that we will never be quite "done" with this place.

A home that's 184 years old is never 100% yours... you get to inhabit and care for it for a little while. It belongs not only to you, but to the generations of families that came before... and will (hopefully) come after you.


Julie said...

Come on. Changing the laws of physics can't be that impossible or time consuming! ;) That's awesome. Post more pictures, if you get a chance. One of my favorite magazines is This Old House- I love seeing how people preserve and improve existing houses.

Yvonne said...

in all your free time....would you like to join us for a 30 day photo challenge? prompts given.

Pete/Heidi said...

Sure, sounds like fun! Can't promise 100% photos, but will try!