Sunday, June 13, 2010

Starting our next adventure

Pete & I have been working on starting our next adventure... one of us being a student again. It should be an interesting journey! :)

After finding out I will be attending school this upcoming fall, the following things have been done:
-Party to celebrate being accepted to medical school
-Meeting with the financial aid office
-Deciding to stay in our house (instead of moving toward selling our home)
-Notifying my work of my impending departure (last day is August 13th).

Additionally, our summer project list has been updated.
It now consists of:
1) Converting Hondo's room to my office
2) Cutting up a few more dead trees for firewood this winter
3) Re-painting the outside trim, and repairing any loose siding.

Hopefully, we are able to accomplish the above items in the few weeks remaining before school starts. This blog will now chronicle both things -- school adventures & home renovations as both will be projects the next few years.


Yvonne said...

Awesome times for you Heidi!

Anonymous said...

congrats Heidi wish we lived closer were all so happy for you were and behind you and Pete all the way...

Laura said...

Sounds like fun :)