Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy, busy days

Our lives are full of fun! :)

Last week was spent enjoying time in Minnesota; Pete with his buddies and me with my family.

We traveled to the land of 10,000 lakes for a wedding -- Pete was best man in his friend Jeff's wedding. It was a very beautiful wedding -- lots of tulips and spring-time colors. True to past weddings (in his group of friends), the bachelor party lasted longer than a single night... Pete got to spend time with Jeff (and others) starting Tuesday through the night of the wedding. It sounds like they really had fun times together!

I spent the week with family, and it was fantastic.
* On Tuesday, for instance, I got to spend the day with my dad. I probably have not spent a day with my father since I moved out of the house. We had a great time talking as we traveled north to visit Grandma S., some aunts and uncles, and stopping at my sister's apartment on the way home.
* Thursday was my sister Kristen's baby shower. I was so happy to be home for this event. When I live so far away, I miss out on so much. It is simply not possible to be home for everything. I have made my peace with this fact, but certainly enjoy it when I can make it to these celebrations!
* Friday, I spent the day at Como Zoo with my mom and Grandma D. They have this crazy toad that looks like a dead leaf... there are so many interesting animals out there!
*After the wedding, on Saturday... my family had a surprise early 26th birthday party for me. It was fun ~ best 26th birthday party I've ever been too! :)
Aside from these things, I was able to get to each of my sister's homes, and spend a bit of time with my sister-in-law!

Other than the above trip... We have been on the road quite a bit lately. Pete has been traveling for work, Texas for the two weeks following his trip to Vancouver/the Olympics, and myself to Marquette for a girl's weekend with the L. family.

In between these trips, we have managed to stay busy with house projects... I have now completed my curtains for our bedroom (which are still waiting to be hung), and Pete has removed the big rocks from the flower gardens (in preparation for mowing them over). Our house project is coming along nicely, and I am looking forward to a few weekends at home this spring!


Aleena said...

Yes, it is so nice to be able to make it to events 'back home'!

Julie said...

Heidi! I was just thinking about you today and checked your blog earlier in case I missed an entry. Life *is* busy and it was fun to read your update. :)

Beatle Sue said...

Sounds like you had a good time in MN! It's always nice to have time with family when they live so far away and I'm sure they loved seeing you! :)

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Heidi! So glad to hear your trip was most enjoyable! ..just got back from spending a week there myself. I totally ditto your sentiments about living away! Happy belated birthday, too! I did think of you... happy springtime and hope you are doing well.