Saturday, December 19, 2009

A week before Christmas and all through the house...

I am admittedly a Christmas slacker this year. I have procrastinated throughout the season to get the Christmas things done that are supposed to get done.

I got Christmas cards out last week, finally.
Made my first batch of Christmas "cookies" today (carmels & peanut butter truffles).
And have finally decided that its too close to Christmas to put up a tree (sounds like a lot of work for 1 week)....

Somehow, it still feels like Christmas to me. We've went to a few parties, and enjoyed the Christmas trees at other people's homes. This season has been quite relaxing... since I have slacked on the decorating and baking, I somehow have been able to enjoy the seasonal gatherings and others cookies a bit more. But... I am still wondering, is it wrong to enjoy the season without putting up a tree?

(Don't get me wrong -- I hope not to make an annual habit of being a Christmas slacker... but for this year, it sure feels nice.)

Merry Christmasl!


Beatle Sue said...

We didn't put a tree up this year either. We had a fake one last year but it was borrowed or I would have put it up again. The biggest reason for not having a tree was the fact that we really had nowhere to put it when we were done. We only have our car so we couldn't really use that to haul it away. I wish we had one but the closer it gets to Christmas, the less I care. I'm just glad we get to see our families!

Ashley said...

we almost didn't put up a tree either.. and there's definitely nothing wrong with that! After going to 3 different spots in 3 hours and trudging through the snow on our snowshoes with a 1 year old.. the fun was kind of lost. But since we had already done all that effort... we got one. just put it up yesterday. :P Next year? early or nothin'.