Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am going to try be a bit more current with my posts... I have bolded the highlights.

Alright, so Pete is (once again)home -- it's nice to have him nearby! :) He returned suffiently exhausted from Mexico -- retiring to bed this evening around 5:30 PM.

Congratulations 2009 graduates!
This past weekend, I went to a graduation party for my brother-in-law, and others. It was certainly fun to catch up with the people at the party, and see a few people that I have not seen in a while.

Congratulations to Ed & Michelle!
The same day as the graduation party, Ed and Michelle had their twin boys. All are doing well! I was able to go see them on Sunday... they are certainly precious! Hopefully, Pete will be able to go and see them this week.

Aside from the above exciting news tidbits... life at our house has remained pretty stable.

The kittens seem to like Hondo, and are probably the friendliest kittens we have had at our house in a while. They like to be petted and purr... a lot. So far, our experiment to house them in the garage seems to be working... they have to date avoided being run over, and the garage seems to be giving them adequate shelter from the yard animals.

I have been studying some... and still socializing. I went out for coffee last night and was able to catch up with some friends. It's always nice to have a girls night!

I have a new phone -- my last phone lasted 3 months after I squished it beneath the wheels of the truck. It stopped charging while Pete was in Mexico. I now have a phone that supposedly will be more rugged... still TBD. The saleslady said I was her first female customer to by the "construction man's" phone. :) I was not able to import numbers -- so I have been manually re-entering phone numbers as I come across them...

We have a family of robin's living on our porch. It's kind of cute to watch the little bird head's peek out of the nest from time to time while the mama bird is out.

Hope all is well with you!


Karen AMH said...

Hi Heidi! I'm heading down there again tomorrow to help out with our nephews. Hopefully we'll get a chance to catch up again.

Laura said...

Is it still the same #? - on your phone

Pete/Heidi said...

Yes, I was able to keep the same number! :) Yes Karen, hopefully we do get a chance to catch up-- would be fun! :)