Saturday, May 2, 2009

Photos, as promised

This is the finished transom! My dad & Pete capped off the openings for the pocket doors. And we gave the whole thing a fresh coat of paint.

Anyone who has been over in the last few years has seen the hole behind the woodstove --used to find the opening for the chimney. Well, this has now been repaired & the metal piece used to surround the pipe has been put in place. It certainly feels good to no longer see the brick and inside of drywall behind the stove!
Now this is Hondo's room. The hole in the wall behind his cage has been fixed & primed. I just need to decide on a color to paint the room.

The pictures below are of the flora growing in my yard: purple flowers (violets?), the remaining tulips (not eaten by some yard creature--notice the 2 empty stems around the flowers), the crab apple tree (pink polka dots), a flowering tree that has purple flowers are the base of all branches (picture of both the tree and the flowers) , and the bottom middle picture is of the magnolia tree. Unfortunately, I do not think the magnolia has any flowers!


Amanda Kay said...

The house looks great Heidi!

Beatle Sue said...

Heidi, the house looks great!

Laura said...

Looks good ~ nice progress ~ flowers are a sure sign of spring

Yvonne ~ A Fighting Optimist said...

love the big windows in Hondo's room. and the brown with the white is gorgeous. do you remember the name of that brown?

Maria said...

Beautiful pictures Heidi! I just love seeing your house...I dream of living in a house with all that old molding, gorgeous! One of these times when we come to Detroit we will have to stop over and see the real thing :)
Have a great week!

Pete/Heidi said...

Thank you for all the comments! It certainly is fun to see progress... albeit slow sometimes! :)
Yvonne--I will check the color of the brown the next time we go into the basement. I know that Home Depot no longer has it as a featured color, but it is still possible to get (as we had to get an extra gallon or two recently)! :)
Maria -- it would be fun to see you sometime when you get to Detroit! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey we miss you guys! The house looks great!
Bill and jenna