Tuesday, October 14, 2008

180 years of heating innovation

Aside from the aforementioned furnace, wood stove, and fireplace; our house came equipped with 180 years of heating technology. In the basement, there is an old oil storage container (empty), water pipes from the relatively new hassa, a remnant of a basement fireplace, and its easy to envision where a coal chute might have been in the past.

The hassa is a relatively new structure, added ca. 1980. During this time, there was an energy crisis, and former occupants built a large shed looking thing in our back yard fairly close to the deck. This structure holds water pipes, and a large incinerator. The intent of this structure was to create inexpensive hot water heat. This occurs because the burning of items in the incinerator generates heat, this heats the hot water pipes, these pipes cross underground from the structure to all throughout the house. This would be an efficient way to heat the house, if it weren't for one of the pipes in the structure freezing and subsequently cracking in the early years of use. Eventually, Pete and I would like to turn this shed into a sauna... but, we have a few more house projects before we tackle this project!

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