Sunday, May 4, 2008

Garage Sale-ing

Yesterday, I went garage-sale-ing with Shannon P*n*ala... It was so much fun~ I do not think that I have been sale-ing this purposefully since living in Minnesota! :) It was so much fun to hunt down the deals, find the bargins, and "make a deal" or "negotiate" after request from the owner's of the sale! The best deal I got was probably the new looking grass seeder for $2 (will be needed to plant grass since the barn was shredded), and she got a great deal on baby stuff (which will be needed in ~July when she is due for #1)!

It was also fun to have "girl time". I think we spent the majority of the day laughing, chorused by the little people play set I bought at a sale (to keep the kids that come over entertained ~ the set made noise after every bump in the road). We also had to tie down the trunk in the rain... it must have been a laugh inducing sight for our audience of home-owners in the subdivision! :)

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Amanda Kay said...

I miss those good garage sales!! Hit a few extra ones for me!